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SMRT Spontaneous Muscle Release TechniqueSpontaneous Muscle Release Technique

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique naturally prompts your body to regain homeostasis, allowing your body to return to a more balanced state.

SMRT effects every system of the entire body, communicates with your body to restore homeostasis, reduce tension, creating balance and reduction of pain.  If you have tried everything with minimal or no results and are tired of the pain and dysfunction within your body, SMRT is for you.

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Massage Treatment pricing $100 per hour/regular rates

10% discount off 3 or more hours = $90//hour = $270 for 3 hours (expires 2 weeks from date of purchase)

20% discount off 10 or more hours = only 80/hour = $800 (expires 6 weeks from date of purchase)

30% discount off 20 or more hours $70 = $1400 (expires 12 weeks from date of purchase)